Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Imagination's fun for you and me

The weird yet wonderful things Nature does to me. Every time I get in-touch with Nature, I can't help slipping into my imaginary world, thanks to the serene sight before me.

The perks of rising before dawn - I managed to catch the sun rise from afar. How splendid will it be if I was actually on top of a mountain, overlooking the process of Nature, waking up to a brand new day. New unexpected adventures, light reigning over darkness, and the infusion of Nature's sounds with modernization.

The first LRT - annoyingly cold, with only slight more than a handful of early passengers - made me feel like running
from one end of the train to the other (it was a 4-coach LRT by the way). Anyone? I can guarantee a whole lot of FUN!!

The reason I was so enthusiastic about waking up so bloody early - I am Nocturnal, though I am trying to change that - is all for the sake of my long-awaited Tree Planting event at Raja Musa Peat Swamp. It's been MONTHS since it was organized, which was my first time joining them early birds, whom I formerly thought were crazy for rising at such time on a weekend, yet did so myself and enjoyed it too much!

In conjunction with the World Wetlands Day, there was an official ceremony (a whole lot of talking) before we started planting trees, or should I say, they planted the trees. There were too many people but too little trees (pun intended). So, what did we do? We walked around monitoring the kids, making sure they planted the trees correctly, mud packed tight, and if they didn't, we did that for them. Got our hands dirty, and started throwing mud balls up the air. *clears throat* If you are one of those hit by one (although I doubt we hit anyone), well, we were just trying to get acquainted to you, you know.. have a bit of fun! Why so stressed up by a little tree planting under the terribly scorching sun, no?

Based on experience, them Wellies are so much of a bitch that they planted blisters on my feet,
causing faint scars on my ankles. Surgical tapes are a MUST-HAVE in every first-aid kit!

There were a few programs organized by GEC after the tree-planting event. However, Katie, Sri and I jumped behind a four-wheel drive that took us on a bumpy ride out to the roadside, and we shot off in Sri's car way before them, scouting for food, ended up stuffing ourselves silly with pizza, pasta, and yucky cold soup at Pizza Hut, Kuala Selangor - a town that reminds me a lot of home!

Decided to head to Kuala Selangor Nature Park to burn off all the food. Worked miracles, even though by the time we were nearing the exit, I was desperately crying for ice cold beer and even suggested to the monkeys to set up beer tents; I will gladly trade food for beer!

Speaking of monkeys, before entering the Nature Park, I was happily witnessing this family of monkeys trying to attack this family of humans in their car. Serve them right for feeding the monkeys! Honestly, some people have no common sense. Either that or they are just plain oblivious towards warning signs, or are natural law-breakers!

Conspiring a plan

"Hey! Have you seen Mission Impossible? This scene where this human guy breaks the glass and abseils from the top.
 Maybe we can try that, from the sides! What do you say, guys?"

Human dad came out for a smoke - no idea how he got pass the monkeys in the first place without them attacking him. After some time, the Chief of Monkeys (you can spot him easily) came chasing after human dad! Boy, was he terrified. He hid behind Sri and apparently tried to push him forwards, as if offering him as a sacrifice to the monkeys.

Moral of the story - Just because you see an animal that's eying greedily at that edible thing you are holding, exchanging pitiful eye contact with you, DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL(S)!! especially in the wild.

Nature park was worth the MYR4/entry at some points. However, upon the sights of broken bridges and fallen planks on one of the watch towers, you kind of wonder where all the money went. They even have accommodation on-site for those who want to spend some nights feeding the hungry pests (mosquitoes). Thanks to Katie and her mosquito repellent, they came near me but refused to land on my arms/legs. Victory!

My imagination ran wild. Scenes from various fictional stories appeared in my mind throughout our 'hike'.

LOTR - River by Bag-End, although I wish the water is clear. I can hear Gandalf whistling as he
arrives for Bilbo's 111th Birthday party, and Frodo daydreaming under the tree  :D

LOTR - Dead Marshes; Gollum takes Frodo and Samwise on a detour.
"All dead.. all rotten. Elves and men and orcses. A great battle, long ago.
The Dead Marshes... yes, that is their name."

The photo above was taken from one of the three watch towers. It was so breezy that I sense lethargy creeping onto me, making me feel like lying on the floor and taking an afternoon nap, despite the presence of dark, dry remnants from some animal around the floor. Or as Katie suggested, a hammock was much-needed!

Alice in Wonderland moment - Meet ABSOLEM!  "You're not Absolem. I'm Absolem. Stupid girl"

Leaves of two hues

Remember our thirst for beer under the scorching hot sun? Well, I literally ran to the Information/Ticket hub on the way out like a man lost in a dessert for weeks without any water, opened the fridge, grabbed a FAKE(root) Beer and binged drink. Katie did the same with Mirinda Strawberry - that came up during one of our many conversations in the 'park' which sparked a weird sensation. Wait, was it in the park or at the swamp (think of OGRES!)

Let us act out how we felt at that very moment after finishing a whole bottle of drink with insanely high content of sugar in it:

When this photo was taken, I was actually watching this silly girl attracting/disturbing a monkey with whatever
was in her hands. She was nearly attacked by it. All I can say is, she asked for it

Our next stop was the Kuala Selangor fireflies, seeing we were still too full from fast food. We were 2-hours too early for the sampan to take us on a trip to enjoy Nature's fine lights. Hence, Katie and I decided to take a short nap. Short, because we were rudely awaken by the heavy downpour. Nevertheless, it was the best one-hour evening nap I have ever experienced!

Right now, I need to plan my December trip. It has to involve a lot of Nature! Contemplating on sticking within the boundaries of my own country, or traveling out to some spots in South East Asia. Hmmm... If I buy a car for myself, it is only to satisfy my undying urge to drive out to some parts with too-much-green over the weekend. Though, I will still commute around on public transport daily as driving in this city results to major stress-issues. No, thank you.

Imaginary moment: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

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