Monday, July 09, 2012

Weekend Getaway at Awanmulan

After reading Joyce's multiple posts about her retreats/parties at Awanmulan, I told myself that I HAVE to go there one weekend, to getaway from the concrete jungle and spend some time with nature. And I did.

The weekend after Chris and I got back from Burma, we made reservations at Awanmulan. We drove there after shopping for food stuff (snacks, dinner) at B.I.G. - my favourite grocery store. It was my first time driving to another state where roads are completely foreign to me, I did not even know how to head out to the highway from Klang Valley. Alas, with the help of Reuben, giving me directions to the Seremban Highway, and a really good map with detailed directions from Awanmulan, we managed to reach our destination without getting lost. Yay!! Of course, I had a good navigator with me too   ;)

Our weekend in Awanmulan was splendid, a really nice change from being in the city for too long. Our Sasterawan Room came with a comfy double bed, own toilet, personal outdoor open-top shower, and a patio/kitchen/dining/chillout area. 


As we were the earliest to arrive (except for one family who has occupied a room), Mr Teng gave us a tour around Awanmulan. The Teratak Bonda room, being the largest, is my favourite. It comes with a beautiful kitchen counter and a large balcony overlooking the mountains/forest.


Chris made Sangria, and we snacked on pretzels, cheese and crackers, before heading down to the river. The river is really nice, clear and fresh water, although there were tiny leeches on me. I managed to fling them off my body before they could start sucking on my blood. Grostesque! We spent at least two hours in the river, and we were the only ones there.


Went back to our room for more drinks before chilling at the infinity-like salt water pool. Feels so nice floating in the pool, looking up at the sky and gazing beyond the greens around us, not caring about anything in the world in that moment. Stress-free weekend!


The following morning, Mr Teng brought us a whole durian from their mini orchard. It is so yummy that I whacked 70% of it despite having a bowl of cereal and two servings of pasta leftover from dinner the night before.

Sunset @ Awanmulan
Shot with film

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